The Reversal is a movement of spiritual awakening among artists and the touring community.

The vision for The Reversal is…

To see artists, and those who support them in the touring community, experience the life-affirming power of Gospel-driven intentional community, including focused Bible study, organic discipleship, one-on-one mentoring and focused spiritual care so that real growth and true peace may grow naturally in their lives.

Many of us have been blessed to experience these essentials through our home church. Many artists, however, live their lives on the road – leaving behind family and friends for weeks or months at a time. They are bombarded with distractions and surrounded by opportunities to stray. They are living a lifestyle that makes traditional church life nearly impossible. They might make it to church once in awhile, but deeper transformational community eludes them.

We believe that is our call as believers, all of us, to build one another up, carrying the burdens of our brothers and walking with them hand-in-hand. We are specifically called to this particular segment of the Church because it is the tribe we come from. We know the needs all too well. Many of them have the cultural ability to speak into countless lives with their art, but what will they have to say if their spiritual tanks are empty? Thus we are missionally moving into this space with a focused vision and a specific calling. People will always find community somewhere. The Reversal is about making sure that Christ-centered, intentional, constructive community is available to this particular part of the body of believers.

Will you join us as we undergo this calling?

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