A HUGE thanks to everyone who donated--we've made it!!

My name is Josie Kinney, I am a junior at Summit High School in Bend, Oregon.

This summer I will be traveling to Matagalpa, Nicaragua for six weeks on a Spanish immersion volunteer program with Amigos de las Americas.

I am so excited to have this opportunity in which I will be able to increase my Spanish language fluency, develop leadership skills, social and cultural integration, community development, teamwork, and public speaking skills. In addition, I am looking forward to gaining valuable field experience when considering a college degree and career; all while contributing to the betterment of a community.

Amigos de las Americas is a reputable, tax deductible non-profit organization that has facilitated more than 24,000 students like myself to experience and contribute to communities in Latin America since 1965.

Through this organization, volunteers work side by side with community members to solve global problems at a local level.

A key component of Amigos de las Americas is to education the next generation of Latin American children to become responsible leaders in their communities by educating them on environmental sustainability and health issues.

For the six weeks I will be in Nicaragua http://www.amigoslink.org/project/nicaragua-matagalpa, I will be living in a rural community with a family and working on various projects in the community. An example of how I will be involved in community is organizing and teaching kids "campamentos" with a focus on community building, environment and health issues. I am truly excited to contribute and be part of a cultural community! Be sure to watch the Amigos de las Americas video above for more information.

I am very excited about this opportunity to learn and serve this summer, however there is a significant cost of $4,850 to participate in this program and I would like to ask for your help, no matter how large or small!

The $4850 cost covers training, travel to the host community, service placement, host family expenses, supplies for community projects, field support, and insurance. Additionally, I am responsible for domestic flights for training, personal supplies and vaccines.

I hope to meet these expenses by raising funds through donations from individuals like you, group organizations, applying for grants and scholarships, and working.

All donations are tax-deductible and will go towards:

  • $500 Builds a playground for one community.
  • $350 Covers my flight to Miami for the training workshop.
  • $250 Provides seeds for family gardens in over twenty communities or will cover my housing for eight weeks.
  • $100 Constructs three latrines to improve community health and sanitation
  • $50 Improves family nutrition and community reforestation with fruit trees
  • $25 Provides materials and instruction to teach a classroom of children about hygiene and good nutrition

Please consider a donation to make my trip to Latin America possible.

I am truly excited to experience another culture while developing myself and contributing to a rural community in Latin America.

Thank you so much for your support and please consider passing my website link along if you know others who might be interested in supporting my trip.

For more information about Amigos de las Americas and my trip, visit my Facebook page at the link above.

If you have questions or ideas please contact me.

Thank you again for your consideration. I am updating my trip progress on my Facebook page and this website. Additionally, I look forward to sharing my experiences with you when I return home.

Best Regards,
Josie Kinney

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