In the Johnson Intern Program young adults explore their spiritual lives in social ministry, servant leadership, and intentional community.

Each year eight young adults enter the Johnson Intern Program and begin a truly transformative experience. They are guided by the five values of our program: Communion, Compassion, Co-creation, Collaboration, and Character. They receive housing, utilities, a community food allowance, health insurance, and a modest stipend. A goal of the intern year is to learn to live simply. AmeriCorps positions are available with educational grants and loan deferment through our affiliation with Catholic Network of Volunteer Services (CNVS).

“Servant leadership radically changed the way that we, the interns, saw each other, as well as the world. We are held accountable to our choices – personal, relational, financial – by one another, and by our friends and neighbors in our service placements. We were called to look at this experience, or at life, not as something that we would “get” something out of, but as something to give to. We were moved to look at life as a place where we could share of ourselves and bless others. A place we could serve.” Amey Victoria Adkins, 2005-2006

“Through my time in the Johnson Intern Program, I have begun to understand that Jesus calls us into relationship with the marginalized, not in order to show them the light of the Gospels, but in order that we, by encountering the world's broken people, may encounter our own brokenness. That we may stop worshiping the idols we have created of ourselves and instead look on our own beautiful, broken faces. In that gazing we are transfigured.” Will Owen, 2008-2009; 2009-2010

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