We are currently volunteering to develop renewable energy and clean water systems with Green Empowerment in Nicaragua for all of 2013!

Who is Green Empowerment?

We researched over 200 organizations to volunteer with, and in the end, we chose Green Empowerment.

Green Empowerment is a non-profit that helps rural farming communities in Latin America and Southeast Asia obtain renewable energy and clean water sources through technologies such as solar panels, wind turbines, micro-hydroelectric systems, ram pumps, and biogas digesters. They work alongside local NGOs and community members to design, finance, and build these energy and water systems as a team. Through this process, the community members become trained and take ownership of the facilities themselves. Check out there website GreenEmpowerment.org

Why Nicaragua?

That is where Green Empowerment wanted our help. Nicaragua is considered the second poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. Many communities within the country lack electricity and a local reliable water source.

Thanks for making this happen folks!

Check out our blog about our experiences in Nicaragua as full-time volunteers for a year. www.positivelysustainable.weebly.com

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