I want to help Responsible Charity - because all they do is help!

On the 1st May 2007, I was injured in a motor vehicle accident, 3 weeks prior to my 30th. Not only did it ruin that birthday, I've been living with the consequences of that day ever since.

Although I have many loving family and friends, pain can still bring you down, but being a part of the Responsible Charity Corp has helped keep things in perspective for me.

I live in a lucky country, I have doctors and medication at my leisure. I have a roof over my head and no fear of lack of food to eat or clean water to drink/wash in. I even have hot water 24/7!

Responsible Charity Org founder, Hemley, is a constant source of inspiration, laughs and tears. He is real, and he is really doing something. I can't helped but be moved to help - and I'm sure if you visit the page, you will see why.

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