Direct Relief International is a top rated charity with 98.8% of all donations going directly to those in need of emergency medical care.

I'll be running a half marathon in Fort Collins on April 21st. I don't much care for running, but I"m going to do it for 13.1 miles anyways to try and raise money for Direct Relief International.

Direct Relief International is my favorite because they save countless lives, and do so with extreme efficiency. They provide emergency medical care and supplies to those in the greatest need around the globe and incure only 1.2% administrative and fundraising costs.

I am paying for all my own race fees and incidentals to run, and I set this up so that every penny donated goes straight to Direct Relief with no middlemen.

Even if you can only donate a little bit, it would be a huge encouragement and could make all the difference to a super poor guy somewhere.

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