It is our fearless and amazing Executive Director Jill's birthday. We are getting her a microdonor campaign in honor.

Jill has worked for Break Away since 2006, and served with Break Away for long before that. She has changed my life through being a mentor, inspiration, teacher, friend, boss, and active citizen in solidarity. I know that these labels and more fit the relationship that each of you have with her also. This is a secret campaign, due to her love of birthday of surprises, that will raise $500 in her honor for Break Away. Don't tell her about this! We are going to show her our love for her, then show her the donation! I am hoping each of you will donate $5-$10, if you know Jill then you know 50 people donating $10 each will mean more than one person donating $500 (although if you are that person go for it). I hope you join me in showing Jill her impact, and write a note after donating to tell her Happy Birthday and thanks.

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