Friday, April 20 10PM - 6AM Staying up to raise money for therapy/medical scholarship program benefiting families living with Autism.

The founder, Tina Dula, has been such a great friend, mentor, and a huge inspiration to my husband and myself. After being notified of their son's diagnosis with autism, she organized an organization that provides resources and conducts activities and events for families who have children with autism. Below, are some ways you can help contribute to this particular event!

Ways to Get On Board:

  • Party all night! Recruit personal sponsors to donate toward your all-night vigil! Host/Attend a house party with your friends! (movie night, XBox tournament, poker game, mani/pedi party, slumber party, etc...)
  • Attention, sleepers! Even if you don't literally stay up all night, you can still raise money for this worthy cause! Just maybe less fun!
  • Donate! Maybe you don't want to stay up all night, and you won't have a "sleeping" team raising money. Just donate right here on this page, and spread the word!

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