Jewish Fiction .net is a journal showcasing the finest contemporary Jewish fiction from around the world.

Jewish Fiction .net is unique among all the English-language Jewish journals today because only Jewish Fiction .net is devoted exclusively to publishing fiction. We are therefore very proud to be able to fill this niche within the international Jewish literary community.

Our goals at Jewish Fiction .net are to:

  • Bring together in one place first-rate Jewish fiction from many different countries, thus allowing Jewish (and non-Jewish) readers to experience simultaneously the rich diversity that exists within Jewish culture and the core elements that unite us
  • Build a bridge and a dialogue between Jewish writers in Israel and the Diaspora
  • Serve as a vehicle for fostering new Jewish writing and encouraging emerging Jewish writers of talent
  • Increase Jewish literacy (in two senses: reading by Jews and reading of Jewish texts)
  • Link Jews to Jewish culture and build pride in Jewish heritage, thus contributing to Jewish continuity

We at Jewish Fiction .net are very excited about the potential of this journal to accomplish these goals, and you, by contributing to Jewish Fiction .net, are playing a crucial role in helping us to achieve this.

With your help, we can look forward to years of publishing excellent fiction dealing with Jewish themes, concerns, and aspirations. Thank-you for your support for Jewish Fiction .net!

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