Creating more Jewish Moments. Based in MN, the only independent, local news website and virtual community for young Jews in the country.

TC Jewfolk is perhaps the most innovative part of the Twin Cities’ Jewish community today. If American Judaism needs to be reaching beyond the walls of our synagogues and institutions, no one is doing this better than TC Jewfolk. If technology is opening new vistas for engagement, no one is doing this better than TC Jewfolk. If nevertheless, we still need our synagogues and institutions and want to connect adults in their 20s through 40s to them, no one is doing this better than TC Jewfolk.

  • Adam Stock Spilker, Rabbi, Mount Zion Temple, St. Paul

"I love TC Jewfolk because, as a stay at home mom, it enables me to not only feel like part of the Jewish community; by keeping me up to date on Jewish events and issues, but it also allows me to participate. I have won tickets to events, made new friends in the community, even cried when I read poignant articles. In this age of the world wide web, TC Jewfolk is the single best resource we have in our community to help Jews (and others) stay connected."

  • Melissa Ginzburg, Woodbury, parent of three, age 33

TC Jewfolk is one of the best and most important developments in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Jewish community. In a time of increasing communications challenges, TC Jewfolk is a game-changer for the young and not-so-young. With its many offerings, from religion to culture to politics, food, it brings Jewish life to life. TC Jewfolk is bold and engaging and its diverse cast of writers and contributors provides perspectives from the off-the-beaten-path to the traditional and everything in between.

  • Stephen R. Silberfarb, CEO, Minneapolis Jewish Federation

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