Grow your beard (and/or hair for the ladies) to feed the hungry!

The Omer is the period of time between the Jewish holiday of Passover and Shavuot (a period of 49 days). During this time–which is considered to be a period of mourning–there is a tradition of not shaving or cutting one’s hair during that time. If you live in a cool place where beard is the new black, this is the perfect excuse to join in the fun. If you already look like Paul Bunyan, we suggest you chant the mantra of “grow baby, grow,” because Jewcy is growing beards for charity.

This year, members of the community are taking up the challenge to grow beards and raise money for hunger related programs throughout the US.

In Philly, we're doing this with the help of Mitzvah Food Project to support the amazing work of Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger.

So what’s the challenge? For either 33 days or 49 days (varying traditions), we challenge participants to:

1. Shave your face clean by April 19th.
2. COMMIT to not shaving or cutting your beard for either 33 or 49 days.
3. Grow a beard to raise money for a defense against hunger in your community.

Ladies are welcome to participate in whichever way they see fit.

If you want to take on the Omerathon challenge you can register here by April 19th.

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