Please help me go to Chiangmai, Thailand to support missionaries in Asia. Contributions are tax-deductible.

This will be my first mission, and I have the joy and pleasure of going with Tony! We are leading a team from Del Rey Church to support missionaries in Asia.

The missionaries we will be supporting live and work throughout Asia, including Uzebekistan, China, India and the Phillipines. They work alongside national workers to address issues of oppression, abuse, lack of basic human rights and poverty in the lives of women and children in Asia. The missionaries work on projects range from teacher training, literacy, libraries, sewing centers, community health, agriculture, and programs to prevent HIV/AIDS through education and to care for HIV/AIDS patients and their children.

I have until the end of this year to raise $2,300. I will travel to Chiangmai in mid-February 2013 to help these missionaries and their families who come together every two years to train, develop and build community. Won't you help me? It's tax deductible to boot!

I appreciate your support so much. Thank you!

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