I am a part of a fantastic mission trip team heading down to Panama to put on a life altering conference for young girls in Panama City.

God has given all of us gifts! He also puts things in our hearts that move us and challenges us. For me, its hurting women. Ones who have had unspeakable things happen to them. They have been betrayed by loved ones. Ground into the dirt feeling unloved and worthless. This moves me like no others. This sorrow wells up within me and demands justice!

Panama is one of those areas where the unspeakable happens to girls all day long. Its a secret. They know its happening, but no one knows how to stop it. Thousands of girls are broken daily to be sold into the self traffiking rings. They are abused, molested, raped...until they are ghosts of themselves. For some girls its start so young, by a family member whom they love and trust. They are made to fee worthless and unloved.

We are going to be there voice. To be their comfort. To surround them with this unconditional love of our Saviour. They are worthy of His Love, His Justice. They are all children of God. His heart breaks as theirs breaks daily.

We are going down to put on a conference like no other! We are going to speak the words of Jesus to them. We expect up to 7000 to attend. I have to be a part of this change. With your help I need to raise $1600. Please help me be this voice , arms of Love and whispers of Hope!

We leave July 29th! Pray for the team and most of all for the thousands of Girls we will reach!

God Bless! And I do love you so much! xoxo

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