Help 6,000 kids in low-income schools in Portland learn and embrace the value of a peaceful, healthy and active lifesyle!

I am running for recess to support kids in the Portland/Metro area get healthy, active an learn valuable life lessons such as inclusion, respect, teamwork and conflict resolution. Please share this with your circle and sponsor my participation. Here are some suggested donation amounts and how you can make a difference in thousands of kids lives today! $35 - provides balls and cones for 1 school $75 - provides motivation and leadership opportunities with Junior Coach t-shirts for 1 school $125 - covers travel for 2 teams to interscholastic developmental after-school sports leagues $166 - covers the cost for 1 child at a Playworks school for a year $250 - covers recruiting costs for 1 Playworks coach for a new school $500 - covers recruiting costs for 2 Playworks coaches for a new school $1,200 - covers 4-hour training for parents, teachers, and staff

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