Tenacity's aim is to impart the skills and resilience needed for under-served youth to succeed in school and life. Matching my life!

When I was 16, my girlfriend (now wife) told me I was better than the life I was living. I stopped getting in trouble but didn't work hard in school. When I was 18, my professor refused to grade my first college paper because "it wasn't English." She told me to come to her office every week until I knew how to write. Fast forward to today, I graduated from college FOUR times and work everyday to help students maximize their time and opportunity. I was LUCKY. Most children don't have guardian angels that come into their lives to show them a better life and to help maximize potential. Tenacity has helped over 30,000 students succeed in school and life. I ask that we do what we can to increase the numbers of students that are touched by guardian angels!

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