I'm moving to Ecuador for thirteen months to work with the non-profit Manna Project International and need your help raising funding.

Manna Project International (MPI) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that utilizes the passions and energy of young people to empower developing international communities through hands-on learning and service.

Our model is a collaborative community-based approach to development. By working within and alongside communities, our volunteers strive to promote each community’s success while simultaneously learning from them. MPI's approach stresses holistic development, recognizing that the challenges facing these communities are multi-faceted. These challenges must therefore be addressed through a variety of disciplines, as well as a combination of direct service, local leadership, and broader policy change.

As one of the Program Directors in Ecuador, I am responsible for raising $8,900. In addition to covering my living expenses, these funds will be used to provide health, education, finance and sports programming to children and adults in the communities we serve.

As a donor, you become a vital part of Manna. We could not function and our communities would not benefit without you.

Your donations are tax deductible, and every little bit is greatly appreciated! Thank you for your support!!

To follow my experiences in Ecuador, visit my blog at: http://janinehoerauf.wordpress.com/

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