We are looking forward to participating in this year's SCS Jag-a-thon. Thank you for supporting Rylan in his efforts!

Rylan was so excited about what he was capable of (in last year's Jag-a-thon, as a Kindergartner, he ran/walked 4 miles!) that we were inspired to continue his participation in individual athletic events. This year, along with enthusiastically participating in the school's Jag-a-thon, he will do a triathlon. I thank the school for providing the inspiration for him!

This fundraiser is one of 4 essential fundraisers to help keep vital programs alive at Sonoma Charter School. As PTO President, Kathy has put in countless hours to help the school be an exceptional place for kids to learn and grow. Your support towards what has become a family endeavor to make Sonoma Charter School great is much appreciated.

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