Misson: "To strengthen Itasca Area Communities through pubic access media."

ICTV is committed to bringing local government, education and arts information to the Itasca area through three cable television channels and on-line. ICTV is funded in part by agreements with five local governments. They share franchise fees from cable companies to sustain some of the station's basic operations. In return, ICTV covers as many as 12 governmental units meetings on a regular basis, creating unedited video for the public. Additionally, ICTV is commited to showcasing the arts in our area and being a conduit for education and open voice from its public. It also produces several programs in-house ranging from outdoor topics to hobbies. ICTV has an evolving on-line presence to bring Itasca area video to people who may not be served by cable television or prefer on-line delivery. More than half of the programming on the three channels is also shot or submitted by residents of our area. ICTV maintains equipment to loan to members who want to express themselves through public access media. ICTV has been repeatedly honored for its productions and web site with Pegasus Awards.

In Fall 2012, ICTV branched out into the community by purchasing its own building. Fundraising will help ICTV trim out the new space in the middle of our community.

Overall, ICTV needs to fund-raise, write grants and provide service income to support nearly 50% of its operating budget of about $300,000. The staff includes four producers an office professional and an executive director.

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