Building empathy and stitching us better together through conversations designed not to change minds, but soften hearts.

[While it is not formally posted because the gift's deadline extends beyond Give to the Max Day, your donation to this project will count towards a $25,000 matching grant from an anonymous donor.]

Over 1600 Minnesotans have participated in over 70 conversations designed to reduce polarization over a difficult issue in their communities, whether it was the same-sex marriage amendment, guns in Minnesota, or one of the many custom conversations we've adapted to help local congregations missionally meet emerging needs in their communities.

With short-term results like 80% of participants reporting more empathy for those with whom they disagree, and long-term results of people having learned new ways to listen, to manage disagreement, to be curious instead of offended, and to even have experienced transformed parent-child relationships,

When people in a church and neighborhood realize that they now have ways to talk about various elephants in the room, they feel liberated and are often eager to find out what other lines that had been drawn to separate them on other issues can now be erased.

Because the quality of our conversations determine the quality of our relationships, and the quality of our relationships determines the strength of our democracy, your gift is an investment in building the social capital of the people of Minnesota.

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