Please consider making a generous contribution to help four cougars regain their health after suffering a terrible ordeal!


Now that homes have been found for the 20 big cats, In-Sync Exotics is faced with a new challenge – mounting medical bills.

To read more about the animals' medical care issues, please visit our blog at!

Even though the Poetry animals needs about $18,000 worth of veterinarian care, we are so grateful we will able to give them a second chance at In-Sync Exotics.

Unfortunately, with the number of big cats needing immediate homes, such as the two lions from the closed sanctuary and the cats from Poetry -- and the sad reality that more cats will need our help very soon -- our rescue budget is stretched thin due to so many demands.

Without your generous support, we will be unable to provide these cats with forever homes and give them with the personalized care they so desperately need-- will you help us continue?

Please donate whatever you can afford to help us provide a loving home for the animals that have lost so much in life. Thank you for all you do for animals.

To read the about the original cause, please visit our blog at: Thank you so much for caring!

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