I am raising money for a service trip to Malawi. While in Malawi, I will be volunteering in an early childhood school.

I am a current Teach for America corps member and teach 47 students in a rural town in South Carolina. I wanted to get involved with IMPACT so I could help spread the message that unequal access to quality education is unacceptable. I hope that I can help inspire people to advocate for equal education for all students, both locally and globally.

Currently, Malawi has no education program for students under the age of 6. With Change in Mind has helped build a community school and our job will be to train the local teachers so that the school can not only be successful but also sustainable.

Your donation will help make this vision a reality for me. I appreciate your help and consider you an important part of this journey!

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    With Change In Mind’s Mission Statement is simple… “To positively affect the lives of children and volunteers all over the world”
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