Help support My Sisters' Place, a fantastic organization offering advocacy, education and services to victims of abuse & domestic violence.

I've never signed up for any kind of athletic event in my life, but when my niece Alicia suggested we do a half-marathon together, I couldn't resist! It's a challenge, but I'm walking every day and working my way up to the 13.1 miles. Wish us luck!!! We'll be walking the Berkshire Half-Marathon starting at Tanglewood, MA, on May 29 (also my wedding anniversary). Alicia and I felt it would be nice to try to use this opportunity to support an important cause, and Alicia let me pick the charity. I selected My Sisters' Place because I've known about and respected its work for years, and last year I attended a special event on the organization's behalf. I learned there how shockingly prevalent human trafficking and violence against women/kids are, even in wealthy areas like Westchester County, NY. My Sisters' Place offers extensive education, advocacy, and direct services to victims of abuse. It is also a NY State center of excellence in working with victims of human trafficking. Please join two wild and crazy women, Alicia and me, in this great walking adventure, and make it even more meaningful by pledging to help us help My Sisters' Place. Every step we take can be a step toward freedom, safety and self respect for those who need it most.Thanks so much in advance for any support you can give us and them! It means so much to us!

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    Services: 2 emergency shelters; 24-hour hotline; counseling; legal center; education & prevention; art therapy; Self-sufficiency program;
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