Idealware provides information that is important to so many nonprofits because we can't afford to make a mistake.

The art of stretching a buck must have begun in the nonprofit community. Everyday we strategize on what our organizations need and how to best and most efficiently meet those needs. We generally don't have IT departments or even one dedicated IT employee; in fact, we are pressed to keep overhead to less than 20% of our operating budget.

One of our greatest challenges is how to remain competitive without the R&D resources to do so. Occasionally we are lucky enough to win a grant award. More often we lean on volunteers. However, there are times when we need advice and the research to help guide key decisions.

Enter Idealware.

I'm fortunate to be a tech savvy person. In fact, I often lead grantee training sessions in Philadelphia and beyond on how nonprofits can better use technology. However, I always present Idealware as the most comprehensive source for information, which exceeds my own direct knowledge.

The guides are cheap, sometimes free, and the virtual training sessions are valuable (free parking!).

Making a bad choice can be ruinous and expensive. Idealware helps nonprofits refine thier needs and not be intimidated by what's out there. The money they save nonprofits far exceeds the cost of services, which is next to nothing.

If you're like my organization, earned income covers a small percentage of the operating budget. Organizations like Idealware rely on the support of individuals and organizations like you and yours. Won't you consider making a contribution today? If the alternative is that idealware would not longer exist, you cannot really afford not to!

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    Idealware provides thoroughly researched, impartial and accessible resources about software to help nonprofits make smart software decisions
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