"Mentoring Works. Help me reach my goal so that many more underserved youth can be connected to caring mentors."

Dear You... yes You!

As many of you know, I work for iMentor, a mentoring organization that combines my two passions: Youth Development and Innovative technology. If I haven't convinced you to be a mentor yet (thanks Ray!) then here's another way to give back! Here is my story....

My mentee and I are in our 2nd year of our match, and I am proud to say she has settled comfortably into college. Dominique has had a great first semester, and though I would love to say I had a great impact on her success, she has proven to be determined and driven all on her own. I am happy knowing that I am able to provide her the resources she needs when she needs them, as well as a friendly ear, happy to listen and reminisce the experiences of the college life.

By you donating as little as $10 (though $25 is good too) - you are providing iMentor to continue to expand across all high schools & giving a mentor to every high school kid in NYC. Everyone has had some form of a mentor in their lives, why not leverage it?

Some Facts:

The success of iMentor is demonstrated by the fact that 92% of eligible mentees graduated from high school after the 2008-09 program year (compared to New York City's average graduation rate of 60.7%), and 82% enrolled in college. This year alone, iMentor will match 1,200 young people with 1,200 mentors in New York City — connecting professionals seeking a meaningful volunteer commitment with the young people who benefit so significantly from mentoring relationships. In order to do this we need your help. I know that times are tough for everyone but if you are looking to donate to a worthy cause, here it is. Please consider making a donation. No amount is too small.

To learn more about iMentor, visit their website at www.imentor.org

To learn more about the Donor Drive, visit http://www.razoo.com/p/iMentor-Online-Donor-Drive

P.S. I am competing against other mentors so check out the Leader Board periodically to see if I make the cut. Also feel free to pass this message along to your friends. Every bit helps. Thank you.

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