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Hyacinth Macaw struggles against human threats

The status of the Hyacinth Macaw (Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus) in the wild began declining due to a variety of human pressures: heavy illegal trade in wild-caught birds has decimated wild populations, while local hunting for food and feathers, and habitat loss from hydroelectric projects and cattle ranching has further affected this species.

The World Parrot Trust has helped the Hyacinth Macaw with aid from the Hyacinth Fund. Due to the protection afforded them in their natural habitat their numbers are now on the rise. WPT has or is currently funding:

  • ecotourism
  • protection of crucial foraging and breeding areas
  • a nest box programme to encourage breeding
  • testing for disease for birds in Bolivia and Brazil

Why we need your help?

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Visit the WPT website to learn more about our efforts to protect this species.

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