I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to you as one of our very important partners in helping people struggling with homelessness in our community. This year, thanks to the ongoing efforts of our dedicated volunteers and supporters, HOPE is now open for year round shelter!

What does this mean for our community? Each evening that we operate, we are able to provide meals, showers, dry clothing, a warm place to sleep, nurse visits, housing stabilization assistance, general case-management, Common Ground access screenings for mental health services, onsite substance abuse services, service referrals and more for up to 60 people in need. Last season, we provided over 8800 nights of accommodation, through our partnership with the Burnstein Clinic we helped shelter guests maintain better health. Through our partner agencies, CHN and TTI PATH we offer housing stabilization services. We are the refuge that connects guests and former guests with needed services and support.

The slow economic recovery and the fact that HOPE is the only option for many in our community to find safe shelter means that we are usually operating at or above capacity most nights. We are the only walk in emergency shelter in Oakland County that does not limit the amount of time a person can access services, does not screen for intoxication, and has a commitment to never turn away any person in need.

Please consider making your own contribution to this important work, whether through your own gift, or by reaching out to others in your network and asking for their support of our work. You are a lifeline to those who seek our assistance.


Elizabeth Kelly
Executive Director

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