Windcall helps community and labor organizers be resilient, practice transformative leadership, & improve the vitality of social movements.

I'm writing to ask you to join me in giving to Windcall. Three donors are matching every dollar we raise by Saturday, December 8th, up to $13,000. The clock is ticking and I'm asking you for your help.

Why Windcall? If you've been organizing for years, you can reach a moment when stepping back from the work can be the VERY best thing you can do for it.

I was one of those people in 2003 when I was awarded a Windcall Residency. It was right after the 2002 win of Just Cause eviction protections in Oakland (one of the organizations leading to what is now Causa Justa :: Just Cause).

Windcall was an amazing and transformative experience for me that I think every organizer should have (and many have in the Bay Area).

I am really proud to direct Windcall and hear the deep, intense stories of the organizers who are awarded Residencies each year and return home energized, strong and inspired in new ways. I see how the organizing is so much stronger when those leading the charge are rejuvenated and their vision is reignited.

For me, away for two weeks, under that Montana big sky, with 3 other organizers, I:

1. Helped me "reset" my work after the intensity of the Just Cause campaign. On a personal note - When I went to Windcall I was thinking about adopting but was struggling with my political self would evaporate under the pressures of being a single mom. Voila - the Windcall serendity. OF COURSE, my Windcall peers had all been single moms at some point in their lives. Their example and mentorship resolved that question and also was part of how I understood my political world would support me and how I could stay in the work. I'm not the only person for whom a Windcall peer group helped solve a question for a organizer at a turning point.

2. Learned that it was actually important and valuable to have ways to keep myself balanced, thinking clearly, and open to lots of forces in our movements. Windcall was the place where I learned that being creative without worrying about results, physical activity, and meditating are really good tools for organizers and activists to keep healthy and generate better ideas (and just be better people to be around which is pretty core to movement building in my opinion:)).

3. Came to understand that movements are only as good as the resiliency and the vision of those within them. I GET IT now for myself and for everyone I work with.

Windcall is there for organizers of color, organizers working in low-income communities, and organizers working under all kinds of conditions all over the country.

The Windcall Board is fabulous and I'm so lucky to work with them and a great alumni network. Their energy is hatching ways for Windcall to grow to support organizers with coaching and other supports to help them move ahead after their Residencies AND to inspire resiliency and transformative leadership practices throughout our movements.

So with all that on our plate - plus continuing with Windcall Residencies for great organizers - please give and help me meet my goal and Windcall meet the match by December 8th.

Many thanks to you!

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