The Hispanic Federation strengthens communities by providing grants and services to 100 Latino nonprofits in the Northeast and nationwide

The Hispanic population grew by 43% in the last decade, surpassing 50 million and accounting for about 1 out of 6 Americans. By 2050, Hispanics could make up a third of the U.S. population.

Yet the community is facing a multitude of challenges as it integrates into American life. Latinos need viable and visionary institutions that can help solve these challenges.

The Hispanic Federation (HF) is such an agency. In the last 2 decades HF has:

  • Implemented innovative and successful capacity building programs
  • Awarded more than $30 million in grants to its member agencies
  • Expanded from 15 nonprofits to a federation of almost 100 Latino agencies in New York,
    New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania
  • Opened up offices in Washington, D.C., giving it a strong national presence
  • Won a coveted $600,000 Lumina Foundation grant to increase college student success, making it only 1 of 12 out of 250 applicants nationwide that were selected
  • Received its second consecutive 4 star fiscal rating from Charity Navigator, a feat only 13 percent of U.S. charities achieve

Some quotes from member agencies about HF capacity building programs:

“Before this program I never approached anyone for money. It’s quite a change that I’ve talked
to people [for donations] and am ready to talk to others.”
- El Puente

“For the first time Board leadership feels like fundraising is their responsibility. Before, fundraising was talked about, but now it is put in the context of the budget and we monitor it.” - Connecticut Puerto Rican Forum

“This program was done in a language that we as Latino organizations understood. Information was conveyed, but it was more like a conversation. Very often when we go to these types of trainings, [the trainers] are talking about a [particular] model. Here we were the ones talking about the model and interpreting it.” - Pregones

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