To help bring Biracial children from Korea to America to give them a sense of community and connection.

I have a biracial grandson, pictured in the Steelers uniform, he is proudly sporting my favorite team of the Pittsburgh Steelers. I have been a rather passionate fan for almost 40 years now, I live in Athens Georgia, but traveled in the Marine Corps with my father and mother as a child. I learned many things in my life, but growing up like I did, was also taught by my wonderful parents, that it didn't matter what your ethnicity was but what your character told about you. Now having a gorgeous Cambodian, Vietnamese, Native American, German, Irish grandson of my own, I am so very proud to share those teachings with him and hope the world can look back at him and see the same....we'll see. Children need to know they can be whatever they want to be, no matter where they come from or what they look like, if we don't start at their beginning, it can be such a long reach into their past...


Valerie Lord

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