Homework House – rekindling a love of learning one page at a time; building a better future one child at a time.

Homework House INC is a community of kids and caring adults working toward a better future. Homework House is Hector, one of our very first kids who is now a student at Westfield State and Yianni, a fourth grader who writes poetry. It’s Frankie who is discovering new worlds through reading Jules Verne and Nayishla, a 6th grader who is finally mastering multiplication. It’s Melinda, a student at Smith, and Jonathon, a retired teacher, who are both volunteer tutors. Homework House is a safe and nurturing place where children learn that they can succeed.

Since 2006, Homework House has created a warm and caring space (both literally and figuratively) where children can experience learning success. Daily, almost 100 children from Holyoke’s poorest neighborhoods come to Homework House. We focus on the basics—homework, reading, and mathematics and we pair students with tutors who will help them with their work. We keep our tutor: student ratio low- one tutor works with two children. We work closely with the schools our children attend so that the work that we do with them at Homework House supports and builds on what they are learning in the classroom, improving educational outcomes and their chances of success.

Through our work with these the most vulnerable children, their families, and their schools, Homework House continues to create a culture of success that allows the children themselves to become active learners, positive role models and engaged citizens who can reshape their communities and the world.


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