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Will you make a donation today and join a community who have come together to save lives by preventing colon cancer?

Below is the story of six year old Ashlee, one of 15,000 people diagnosed this year with hereditary colon cancer - a reminder of how important it is that we achieve our ambitious goals in 2014. We absolutely can not do it without the support of donors like YOU!...

On Ashlee’s sixth birthday, her colon was removed to prevent the early onset of cancer. When colon cancer is in your DNA, it's not a matter of “if” it's a matter of "when and how bad.” Through early detection and intervention, Ashlee defied her genetics and PREVENTED colon cancer!

Your donation today will support the development of resources to educate families, so that early detection and prophylactic treatment can decrease colon cancer occurrence and save lives.

Donate today to help support patients like Ashlee and their families. Your entire donation, 100%, will be used for patient resources being developed in 2014!

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