The Polar Bear Dip & Dash is a 5k walk/run and polar plunge into the Atlantic Ocean to support NRCM’s work to curb global warming.

Is it crazy to jump into the freezing cold Atlantic Ocean during the Maine winter? Abso-freaking-lutely!
What I find even crazier is that I belong to a species that is willfully destroying its only planetary home. What could be crazier than that?
I am a parent of two young girls, which is a great motivator when it comes to propelling me to act on issues of social consciousness and environmental degradation.
As a parent, I believe the greatest immediate threat to the future of my children, and life on our planet, is climate change. It is a phenomena that is rapidly changing the only planet home we have, and the kind of world my daughters will grow up in. How could I not try to do something? Now THAT would be crazy.
So, I am glad to be a participant in this year's Polar Plunge. It's not because I am a masochist, as I hate to be cold. I really hate it. But I am proud to sponsor the work of a group of professional environmentalists and legal eagles who can do more to protect the environment than I could ever do as one person.
Please join me in supporting the important work of the Natural Resources Council of Maine. And please support and validate what appears to be my crazy behavior. I have my reasons.

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