Together , We can all help a child !!!

My name is Angela ( Tina ) Bailey, I am a mother to five wonderful children. I believe that being a Mother is truly the best gift in the world. I am now also a Grandmother with a 3 y/o Grandson and a 9 Mt old Grand daughter, That is also a wonderful gift. I have spend the last 27 years of my life helping others. I started a EMS career right after high school. Saving lives is a feeling that you never forget, Losing a life is a feeling that you also never forget. when it is a child you never get over that. I love children and feel that they deserve all the happiness in the world. Live your life to the fullest, Hug your children every day, Never forget to say that you are proud and how much you love them. Please donate today... Thank you , God bless !!!

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