The pictures above were taken when I was on a trip supporting the fundamental education in the mountain area of China. The life status of children there is like "reversed empty nest". Their parents, in order to earn enough money to support the family, left their children behind and went to big cities in search of opportunities. Growing up with their granparents or even just their neighbours, seeing their parents only once in some two or three years, many of these children become extremely eager to know more about the outside world, and the information about how wonderful the world is and how amazing they themseves could be is exactly what we want to convey to them. During my stay there, the children and I grew great fondness of each other (or maybe they just like torturing me), and I was deeply moved by the choldren's curiosity and innocence on multiple occasions, which inspired me to keep looking for chances to help others.

Now they've moved to a bigger school in the town for their 5th and 6th grade (some children I'm still in touch with told me this) and I'm here in America pursuing my college education, my willingness to see a broader world and help people from different backgrounds hasn't changed. This time, together with 6 other amzing Vanderbilt students, I'm going to Ecuador to explore as well as to contribute. This experience, I belive, will benefit my personal development as well as those who are in needs. And you now have the chance to do all of us a favor just by donating $1,$5,$3.1415926, or whatever amount you feel appropriate. Every cent is meaning ful to us and will be appreciated, so please give us a hand, make one of your daily pinkberry, starbucks, or excessive wasted meal plan into unfathomable positive impact on other people.

With all my gratefulness,


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