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  1. Size_120x120_penelope

    $260 raised
    so far

    Help stop the killing of companion animals

    Donations will help go towards saving more lives. This includes but is not limited to spay/neuter, vaccines, food, special surgeries, etc....

    Tessa Copeland A fundraiser by Tessa Copeland for AUSTIN PETS ALIVE


    • 8 donations
  2. Size_120x120_flash

    $110 raised
    so far

    Raising money for the critters' medical needs.

    The animals will receive needed medical & surgical care before adoption, so please give!!!!!

    Cynthia & Curtis Jackson A fundraiser by Cynthia & Curtis Jackson for AUSTIN PETS ALIVE


    • 5 donations
  3. Size_120x120_cat_and_dog

    $115 raised
    so far

    Save animals

    APA! hopes to take on the 7,000+ animals that our city shelter is killing each year and give them a better chance at survival....

    Brunie Drumond A fundraiser by Brunie Drumond for AUSTIN PETS ALIVE


    • 4 donations
  4. Size_120x120_duke

    $1,545 raised
    so far

    Saving twelve dogs and cats from death row

    Austin Pets Alive has saved 5,859 animals from being killed at Town Lake Animal Center. Each $100 raised will enable APA to save a life.

    Jay Hodges A fundraiser by Jay Hodges for AUSTIN PETS ALIVE


    • 24 donations
  5. Size_120x120_img_0205

    $335 raised
    so far


    For every 100.00 raised, Austin Pets Alive will pull a cat or dog from Towne Lake Animal Center from deathrow for adoption. Please help!

    Chelsea Bowman A fundraiser by Chelsea Bowman for AUSTIN PETS ALIVE


    • 6 donations
  6. Size_120x120_apa%20logo

    $160 raised
    so far

    Khanh and Trey's Charity Wedding Registry: Austin Pets Alive

    Our Mission: To promote and provide the resources, education and programs needed to eliminate the killing of companion animals....

    Khanh and Trey Cobb A fundraiser by Khanh and Trey Cobb for AUSTIN PETS ALIVE


    • 3 donations
  7. Gold_size_120x120

    $460 raised
    so far

    Clyde Rottie Memorial Fund

    Help APA prevent and treat heartworms

    Robin Senor A fundraiser by Robin Senor for AUSTIN PETS ALIVE


    • 9 donations
  8. Gold_size_120x120

    $30 raised
    so far

    APA! Dog Off-Site Kennel

    Dog Off-Site Kennels provide dogs a place to sleep and dream of their future forever home.

    Summer Huggins A fundraiser by Summer Huggins for AUSTIN PETS ALIVE


    • 2 donations
  9. Size_120x120_screen%20shot%202011-05-03%20at%2010

    $100 raised
    so far

    Brody's 1st Fiesta Austin Pets Alive Fund!

    In lieu of gifts, The Cobbs are requesting donations to Brody's favorite Animal Rescue Group, Austin Pets Alive! Happy 1st Birthday Brody

    Luxe Magazine A fundraiser by Luxe Magazine for AUSTIN PETS ALIVE


    • 1 donation
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    Counselor Relief Drive

    Personal cooling devices donation for APA counselors

    Robin Senor A fundraiser by Robin Senor for AUSTIN PETS ALIVE