I am traveling to Haiti in 2013 to assist the families of Haiti progress on their road to recovery and build sustainable lives.

Dear Friends,

I write this letter with excitement and gratitude. This past April, I was blessed with the opportunity to travel to Haiti for a week on a medical trip with the organization, Community Coalition for Haiti (CCH). This trip was an amazing, life-changing experience. After much thought and prayer, I realize now that I am being called to help on a much larger scale. In January, I will be moving to Haiti for one year to serve as the CCH liason, providing daily support to the men, women and children still living in poverty.

CCH is a 501c3 nonprofit, faith-based organization that is dedicated to helping Haitians create a sustainable future by seeking community-driven solutions for meeting the basic needs of the poor. Acting in partnership with local communities and grassroots organizations, CCH has successfully implemented sustainable, long-term solutions throughout its 20-year history in Haiti. As part of my duties with CCH, I will be assisting with and coordinating current programs:

  • Providing quality health care for the sick and injured
  • Restoring the disabled by helping them walk and work
  • Training Haitian medical professionals and supplying medications and equipment to local hospitals to save lives and improve the quality of care
  • Empowering rural communities to address their needs for sustainable agriculture, clean water, and educational and economic opportunities
  • Building homes for the homeless, thus restoring dignity and independence to families.

The plans for my journey are already underway. In order to pay for my travel, living expenses and supplies for CCH programs, my goal is to raise $20,000. I realize you are asked on a daily basis to contribute to various causes on top of everyday life expenses, but I hope you trust in me that your donation will go far.

On behalf of the wonderful, resilient people of Haiti, thank you.

With gratitude,

Laura O. Schick

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