Support our local art's organization race to make essential improvements so they can continue to provide quality aftercare for local kids.

Jasper goes to our local public elementary school, which is a fine school, but has experienced typical budget cuts and has very limited arts instruction. When we decided to move to this neighborhood and send Jasper to this school, it was with the understanding that he would attend the aftercare program at Joe's Movement Emporium, right down the street. Jasper spends almost 4 hours a day at Joe's, where he takes classes in visual art, African drumming, Spanish dance, yoga, Capoeira and much more. It is an exceptional afterschool enrichment program that works hard to provide quality care at affordable costs. I don't know what we would do without Club Joe's.

Last month the state of Maryland threatened to shut down Club Joe's unless they make a laundry list of costly structural and staff improvments in order to get up to code. We are working to raise the money for these improvements so Jasper and Josie can continue to grow under the care of Joe's Movement Emporium next year.

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