Your money will go directly toward Pencil of Promise's school building projects in SE Asia, Central America and Africa during 2010.

PENCILS OF PROMISE: Just 10 Seconds To Make A Difference In A Child's Life!

The fundraiser of Pencils Of Promise help people around the globe, they have helped make a difference is millions of people's lives! PoP has helped build schools, campuses, colleges! With more than 75 million children in the world without access to a preschool education, PoP helps bridge the gap of inadequate educational resources for the world’s most impoverished children. In just 10 seconds you can help over a thousand kids, and teens. Everyone in the world deserves to have an education, and sometimes it's those who don't have the chance to study who turn out to be very bright! YOU can make a difference, help a child get educated by donating one of the chosen amounts, or your own amount! Make a child smile by helping PoP make aan impact in their life! By 2011 I'm putting at goal to reach $1,000 to donate towardd PoP! Please help! ♥ For more information on Pencils Of Promise Visit: Thank You!

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