Partner with me to help provide youth at risk with the resources they need to work towards supporting themselves.

About one-third of Bay Area youth live in poverty. In the city of San Francisco alone, there are about 5,700 youth between the ages of 12 and 24 who are homeless or marginally housed.

Commonly, the teenagers who are the most at risk are foster youth or members of the gay community. Up to half of foster kids become homeless within the first year and a half of their emancipation, and 4% of foster youth in California end up in jail, compared to a rate of .13% for the general population.

Other teens are rejected by their parents, and have nowhere to turn. An estimated 42% of homeless youth are part of the LGBTQ community.

In Israel, much of the issue involves poverty among immigrants. About 40% of Israeli children, and 70% of Ethiopian families live below the poverty line, which results in dropping out of school, and higher rates of homelessness.

Because we have been fortunate to live safely and happily, it is our duty to help these people so that they can eventually be happy, too. The MSFJTF is looking for projects that use sustainable techniques to get these teenagers on their feet, helping them to find jobs, complete their education, find homes, and more.

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