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Stewards of the Upper Mississippi River Refuge installed several wildlife viewing cameras on the "Upper Miss" National Wildlife and Fish Refuge. One camera is located at Lock and Dam 13 and visitors have an opportunity to monitor the migration of the Bald Eagle during the winter and activities of the American White Pelican and other waterbirds in the summer. Other camera is located at Sloane Marsh, located across from the Ingersoll Wetlands Learning Center, Thomson, IL where you can view the migration of waterfowl and the summer life in the backwaters of the Mississippi River. The Pelican camera is placed on Cormorrant Island where you will be able to watch nesting white pelicans, great egrets, great blue heron. The final camera was recently installed on the Peregrine Falcon Nest Box which is located on the Consolidated Grain Elevator, Savanna, IL. These cameras are a wonderful window into the natural world.

Your gift will support the cost to maintain computers, cameras and countless other technical neccessities that are required to bring wildlife to your desktop. Will you help keep the cameras rolling?

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