Milagros is a coffeehouse located in the heart of downtown Alamosa, CO. Our lease is up and if we don't buy the space we will have to move!

What is Milagros?:

Milagros is a coffeehouse situated at 529 Main Street in the heart of downtown Alamosa, Colorado. It is located in the Emperius Building which was established in 1908 by one of the earliest families to settle in Alamosa. All profits made by Milagros are used to support a local non-profit organization called La Puente, which deals with homelessness prevention, advocacy, and transitioning out of homelessness.

Why Are We Fundraising?:

Milagros has been housed at the Emperius Building on Main Street since 2000. We’ve been grandfathered
into a very generous lease arrangement under terms with the previous owner. Our lease runs out
this year and the new owner is eager to sell the building! If we don't buy the space we will have to

The downtown area of Alamosa has been referred to as the “heart of the city” by many. Milagros might not be the collective cultural center it is today if it were located somewhere else in Alamosa. Similarly, the Emperius Building might not have the character it does today if it did not have such a community-based business like Milagros in it. That is why we need to keep Milagros on Main Street.

Here is Our Plan and How You Can Help:

The Colorado State Historic Society (CSHS) has invited Milagros to apply for a grant to help buy the
Emperius building. To support the grant, we need to show the Historic Society that community members
value Milagros’ mission. Your voice of support and a small donation can help save the day!

Give a gift and tell a story!

Show your support by getting involved in the Milagros Project. While passing through Alamosa’s downtown area stop in Milagros and check out our display. We are looking for donations of any size and stories about what Milagros means to you, the building, or any others you might have. 250 community members each donating just $10 would demonstrate to the Colorado State Historical Society and Foundations the importance of keeping Milagros on the corner of State Ave and Main Street.

What if I'm not in Alamosa, how can I get involved?:

Visit our Face Book event page: Help Keep Milagros on Main Street, for updates on the project and to see the burgeoning support we are receiving from the online community. Donations can be given at Milagros, sent by mail, or done right here online. Stories can be written at Milagros, on the Face Book event page or by mail or email. For further information or to donate money or a story please use the following:


Milagros on Main, PO Box 1235, Alamosa, CO 81101


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