Each minute 12 children under five die from hunger-related causes, that's one every 5 seconds and 10.9 million each year.

It is sad to know children are suffering just because they don't have food. In so many villages around the world families are doing all they can to take care of each other but the poverty is too great to overcome. Their children's growth is stunted, their mental capacity lessened, their intelligence lowered. They are victims of an extreme situation.

When their little bodies don't have enough food, the energy they do have is used for basic body functions to survive. Their physical and mental abilities slow down. They have no energy to concentrate and lose all desire to play or study.

Their little faces are so sad it is hard not to wonder what will become of them. Will they ever be able to go to school? Will they reach adulthood? We reach out and hug them. They smile but the sadness never leaves their eyes.

You can help! We are working in many villages and schools in Honduras, orphanages in Nicaragua and in Africa. These children are waiting for you to notice them. They are waiting to eat, to laugh, to play.

Please donate today.

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