Gus, who has been in a loving foster home for two years, needs dental surgery.

Gus and his sister Babydoll, both of whom were rescued from a hoarding situation, have been living in a wonderful and loving foster home for over two years. At the time they were rescued, they suffered from severe dental disease that required both of them to undergo extensive surgery. Fortunately, Babydoll lost no teeth, but Gus lost eight.

Now, Gus' teeth and gums have deteriorated again. He'll need more surgery to remove periodontial infection; he'll also require more tooth extractions. In addition, he'll need to stay at the vet for about a week for post-operative care and follow-up.

The total cost of his care, including the surgery, clinic stay, meds, and post-op care will be around $800.

Will you help Gus smile again? Will you help him ring in the new year with a pain-free grin? Please give generously, and know that your gift will be so appreciated! And remember: there's still time to make a donation for the 2012 tax year!

Thank you for your support of Take Me Home Pet Rescue and the many dogs and cats you've helped save!

UPDATE 1/25/2013:

Gus successfully had his surgery and is now recovering nicely at his foster home! We are still well below our fundraising goal, so if you would like to contribute, we would be so grateful. I know Gus will give you a big, happy, healthy smile, too!

And please don't forget to tell your friends! Little Gus will soon be on his way to finding his forever home because of the generosity of folks like you!

UPDATE July 25, 2013:

Thank you to everyone who has donated thus far to Gus' plight! He recovered well from his surgery, but unfortunately because of his genetics his dental condition is beginning to deterioriate again. When he eats, he often ends up with food on his paw, which he then tries to lick off.

He will need another cleaning, in addition to possible extractions and antibiotics.

We continue to raise money for this sweet boy so that we can pay off our vet bill and devote more of our funds towards helping more animals! Your donation of any amount will help us save more animals like Gus. Thank you!

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