Help me raise $1000 for Girls Rock! RI so they can help girls and women empower themselves through music!

Hey Friends!

You probably know that I play drums in a band and LOVE it. What you may not know is that I only mustered the confidence to start playing seriously after I participated in Ladies Rock Camp in 2010. The camp was organized by Girls Rock! Rhode Island, and man was it one of the most empowering experiences of my life.

In just 3 days, about 25 of us ladies learned how to play our instruments, formed bands, wrote original songs and performed them on stage in front of a ton of people!

Girls Rock also runs a camp for girls (they get 5 days - no fair!). I volunteer for these camps when I can and it's the coolest feeling to help young girls play rock music for the first time and feel the confidence that inevitably results.

Imagine how much more unstoppable I'd be today if this kind of thing existed when I first wanted to play drums back in 7th grade! Let's make this dream come true for girls today...

Please donate whatever you can and help give more girls and women the opportunity to get on that stage and MELT FACES!

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