Louis was left without an owner after his elderly mistress fell and broke her back. She is in a permanent care facility, and Louis is alone

Louis's elderly mistress laid in her apartment for three days after breaking her back, before anyone had found her. Louis waited patiently by her side. Louis is a special dog. He is a perfectly healthy 11 year old pit bull type dog, but is totally blind. Despite his visual impairment, he gets around pretty good!

Neighbors and friends cared for Louis while his mom was in the hospital, yet, alas, doctors found cancer and his mom is dying.

BAPBR have welcomed this wonderful boy Louis into our program, and we are confident he will find a loving forever home that will provide him with all the things he likes to do: walk outside, sleep and eat. He loves being around calm other dogs too.

Because he is older and blind we will have vet costs to cover and any contribution, $5 or $10 will help tremedously.

He's a delightful and deserved dog!

Louis is currently being fostered by a wonderful human couple named Allyson and Nathan, and their 3 female pitbulls, so sweet Louis has a harem!

Please help us help Louis today!

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