One of the vans we use to transport dogs to New England via Shelter Partners needs repair with a new EGR valve and an Exhaust Filter.

Shelby Humane Society’s Shelter Partners Program, founded in November 2006, is a volunteer driven transport program providing second chances for thousands of dogs. To date, we have saved the lives of over 5,600 dogs with this program!

Shelter Partners moves pets from Shelby County, which is experiencing extreme animal overpopulation, to shelters in states where the success and enforcement of animal and spay and neuter laws and initiatives limit the number of pets available for adoption. Shelby Humane works with a dedicated group of partner shelters to find new forever families for dogs being transported. With rare exception, the dogs and puppies transferred are placed with adoptive families within a few days of becoming available for adoption at our partner shelters.

One of the vans we use to transport the dogs to New England has a broken Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve that needs to be repaired before we can take it on the road again; a new Exhaust Filter is also needed. According to Wikipedia, this valve recirculates "a portion of an engine's exhaust gas back to the engine cylinders. In a diesel engine [like ours], the exhaust gas replacs some of the excess oxygen in the pre-combusion mixture."

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