Adopt Fat Sally and give her the chance to go from an overweight caged bird to a free flying parrot!

Adopt Fat Sally and give her the chance to fly like a parrot should. Since being rescued Fat Sally has adapted to a new "reduced calorie diet" and a strict training regime. It's relentless and the Echo team need your help to keep up the pace.

Conscientious parrot keeper Cornell, from Connecticut, USA has pledged to match the first $2,000 raised for Fat Sally. Donate now and double the support you give to Fat Sally!

Taken from her family as a chick before she fledged, poor Sally would never have the chance to fly. To make things even worse she was then given a terrible diet and no opportunity for exercise. Any hope of ever getting airborne was gone. Sadly this is the fate of most illegally captured Yellow-shouldered Amazon Parrots. Luckily Fat Sally was confiscated and brought to Echo where her rehabilitation began.

Fat Sally is a beautiful blue-cheeked gal with as much charisma as any Amazon parrot. But being captured and stuck in a cage has left her with next to no muscle condition and so much excesses baggage there's little hope of her taking flight. The Echo team are determined to give her every chance though, and if things go really well she may even be released back into the wild with other (somewhat slimmer) rescued parrots.


$25: Bronze Adoption Package
Digital Adoption certificate, Digital image of Forest and
Bubba, provided by email

$50: Silver Adoption Package
Yellow-shouldered Amazon Parrot Fact Sheet, Echo Fact
Sheet; provided by email in addition to the above

$100: Gold Adoption Package
4 Progress Update emails over the next year in addition
to all of the above

$250: Parrot Ambassador
Printed Adoption Certificate and Photograph sent to your
home address, in addition to all of the above

Adoptions can be given as gifts, please provide the name and email address of the gift recipient by clicking "Dedicate my donation to someone" near the top of the donation page. For Parrot Ambassador level gifts, please also provide the physical address where you would like the printed Adoption Certificate and Photograph to be sent.

If you'd like the adoption certificate to be sent out on a specific day, such as a birthday, please write that in the dedication section too and we'll do everything we can to make it possible. Email if you have any concerns/problems.

Please note: We are doing our best to help Fat Sally, and your adoption helps. Once Fat Sally has been helped, other funds we have received will be used to help rehabilitate other parrots just like Fat Sally


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