Raise funds for 5 orphans who are college bound, but lack funds. Help them make a better future!

This past month in July my dad, little sister, and I got to visit the Shelter Children's Home, a self sustained (farming, fishing, raising animals) orphanage located in the rural countryside of Nairobi, Kenya. We got to spend 2 weeks with the 198 amazing kids, aged 2-22, that live there. These viciously abused, abdonded, neglected, and uncared for kids found refuge and sancutary with Mama Mary who heads the home.

My dad brought my sister and I to the orphanage to help because this past year, on August 14, our mother suddenly passed away due a brain hemorrhage that nobody could have seen coming. One minute she was there and the next she was gone. My dad wanted to show us that there were people in this world who had it much worse, but what we got from our time in the orphanage was much more meaningful. We were inspired. We were touched. Truly.

The always smiling kids we met had lost everything - family, food, and home - and yet they were so positive about life and they all had big plans for their futures. Not only that, they were so grateful for everything they had, which wasn't much. They had the very basic requirements: three meals a day (rice and a vegetable usually), a cot to sleep on, hand-me-down and donated clothes, and the love of all their brothers and sisters that live with them. These hardworking kids were either studying and in school or working to help sustain the home - sweeping, cleaning, cooking, farming, cutting down wood by hand, planting, milking the cows, whatever it took to keep the place running.

Five wonderful kids at the Shelter are college bound and ready, but lacking the funds. They all recieved their admission letters, pending payment of tution fees. Come September if they are not able to come up with the money, they will not be attending college. I would like to raise $6,350 so that they are able to attend college and pursue their career paths. Should they not be able to attend college, these kids will probably end up as laborers doing menial tasks and job, but they deserve more than that. These kids are so determined to carve out a better future themselves.They have been dealt a really hard hand in life and if there are any people who deserve a chance to achieve, it's these kids.


In my mother's memory.

Take a look at our pictures to learn more about life at the Shelter Children's Home:


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