Our story begins over 15 years ago, when we first wanted to grow our family. After 10 years of infertility and heartbreak, Sara had a hysterectomy because of a large fibroid tumor. At that point, we faced the fact that we would never have children of our own. We knew that, if God had decided we should live our life that way, then we should accept it. But the dreams and wishes still lingered at the back of our minds.

We had discussed adoption many times during those years, but it was so cost-prohibitive at that time. And how do you choose an agency...?

In December of 2011, when some very good friends of ours introduced us to a couple who had adopted two children from Russia, the dream came back to life. When we found out that the agency the couple had used was practically in our backyard, we signed up for an informational seminar at their offices!

And that's where our journey began! We prayed long and hard about whether this was what God wanted for us, and He answered by smoothly pushing the process forward at each step! It's been incredible!

We have managed to cover the fees to this point, but there are more fees to come, and two trips to Bulgaria required. The trips will be about a week long each. Our first trip, we will spend the entire time with our little boy, getting to know him and learning what he likes… I can’t wait to see him smile and hear him laugh! The second trip is when we will finalize the adoption and bring our son home!!!

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Thank you for sharing in our journey and thank you for your support!

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