Annual vaccination of our domestic and wild ones is a must! This year you can help purchase needed vaccines to protect our animals & staff!

You may have noticed our Razoo projects have been animal-care specific as we shared with you, our supporter, what it costs to feed, house, and maintain our beautiful animals.

This Razoo project focuses on annual vaccinations and our need to raise funds necessary to implement this important health care maintenance program.

This year, In-Sync Exotics will vaccinate all its animals, administering 150 doses at an approximate cost of $27 per animal for a total cost of $2025. Our animals will receive two shots -- Rabies and RCPC (Rhinotracheitis [Feline Herpesvirus], calicivirosis, & panleucopenia) shots as required by Texas law to ensure the health and welfare of our animals and protect our animal keepers.

Our vaccination goal amount may be smaller than our other Razoo projects, but our need is just as great. Won't you help us vaccinate our animals this year by making a contribution of $15 or more? Just $15 will cover the cost of one shot for one animal, while $30 will vaccinate the same animal for one year.

Since we are a 501 (c)(3) non-profit sanctuary, gifts made to this project are tax deductible as allowed by law. So please, won't you help us vaccinate our animals today?

Please help us keep our animals healthy and happy, just like the ones pictured above! We humbly thank you for your kind and considerate contribution towards our animals' vaccination program.

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